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Announcement! We're Revamping! Everyone Please Read!
Thirdwoe Wrote:...

Hearing Aramaic spoken with the English transliterations, translations and the Aramaic text viewable would be very helpful in learning the language, which is the disired goal of many here...could we have a section set up to this end?


Shlama Akhi:
Have you taken the time to learn the Semitic Alef-Bet? There are 22 letters and there is a rhyme to help you remember. I would suggest that this is the first step even before pronunciation of Hebrew and Aramaic words.

Anything to report on this?

I strongly agree with this post.

He put it well, I was thinking how great a resources area would be, which would answer all the "where can I find a...? And perhaps save people lots of time and even money (I have spent money for things I didnt actually need because I didnt know what was available) we would be adding to it constantly.

And really please read or get someone to read Peshitta in Aramaic, there is nothing like hearing a real voice reading the words of Messiah in Aramaic, letting the hearer hear this strange sound that is the actual Bible.

If you go to and listen to Portrait of Jesus in Aramaic, although probably without music.

In my opinion really this would be great. Also please, a manuscript section where we can study the various manuscripts in detail together.

How is this coming along though are you pursuing this? I am very excited for this area of study, I think it is very edifying.

Phil Wrote:Hello Christina and Forum,

Quote:What would you like to see on the new What features do you suggest for the new site, blog & forum, and how should we serve the masses?How would you like to be involved and what would you like to contribute

Well, since I am not very skilled in the teological and religious area, my sugestions are more about the aramaic language and history:

1) I think that Paul's Interlinear deserve more visibility.

2) A category, or thread, or topic, whatever, where we can post links, materials, books, articles, etc founded over the internet related to aramaic language, peshitta, etc. You know, just to keep in one place this kind of stuff, not spreaded over the forum. A categorization could be:
-> learn aramaic: grammars, lexicons, dictionaries, etc (there is a lot of free downloads at
-> books in aramaic
-> bible study
-> manuscripts
-> syriac writers
-> church fathers
-> etc

3) A "who is who" in the aramaic culture (e.g. syriac writers).

4) A basic glossary.

5) Maybe more graphical stuff?? For example maps (a map of Middle East in the time of Jesus would be nice <!-- sSmile --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/smile.gif" alt="Smile" title="Smile" /><!-- sSmile -->), artwork, iconography or symbols, etc.... related to aramaic language and culture.

That is what I can remember for now.

In-fact if you want, I can go through the whole forum and find all the links people have posted to resources, organize it and send it to you.

I'll do that now.


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