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What is wrong with the Bauscher codes?
Shlama khalkown,

Quote:Daniel said:
Ive always despised textual variations in our Bible, and didnt understand why they would even exist if GOD really wanted his word protected.

Quote:Andrew said:
I can only assume you mean the Pericopa Adultera in John 7:53-8:11. I would ask that you simply reserve judgment until you have a chance to see how I have dealt with divergences between the Peshitta and the Greek. I will only say that I have done everything I can think of to report and annotate major text variants so that the reader can decide from themselves what is and is not relevant.

Quote:Daniel said:
And to Andrew-do you feel comfortable neglecting the woman in adultery scenario as true scripture? I dont see why it would be faked or unoriginal, it describes Yeshua to the very T. Very forgiving and condemning of individuals who judge without compassion.

I???ve always shared in Daniel???s sentiments concerning the critical question as to attaining to the Autographic content of Scripture. Now, the reason I???m posting here, is simply to ask akhay Andrew, Paul, and/or Keefa or any other specialist coming from the Linguistic Side ??? not the codes angle ??? to review something that I???ve wanted to myself ask for some time now, but haven???t got around to it yet. Hope you don???t mind akhi Daniel, since your question is really based on Dave???s codes (I hope that you can appreciate where I???m going with this?).

I have a tremendous respect for Dave Bauscher as a Biblical linguist and theologian, and also as a translator. Needless to say, there???s always differences, albeit I pray that an unconditional linguistic analysis can be considered from those specialists I???ve mentioned above, for their ???second opinion???. So, what I???m asking this second opinion for, is on Dave???s non-Codes-related paper done in August, where he offers a scribal examination on the Percicope Adultera. Because I???ve wanted to reserve my own judgment until I could see MARI and how and what all is analyzed for this passage, I???ve held off until now in asking this question. I guess if you???ve already dealt with this angle in MARI, Andrew, then please feel free to just give a nod, and I???ll wait. Just figured it might be one approach unique to Dave???s critical eye, but there???s no way for me to be sure. Guess I thought I???d ask now, since I saw this thread pop up again today, and I???ve already forgotten that I wanted to ask the question here.

Here is the paper:
<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... ration.pdf</a><!-- m -->

Many thanks,

Akh Ryan

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