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What is wrong with the Bauscher codes?
rungold315 Wrote:I''ve put a lot of faith and money into the various works that Dave has offered on lulu, incluiding his interlinears, gospels, and eventually his plain english NT. But after reading the forum "Who is Dave?", Ive been regretting my faith in his flawless NT because literally everyone seemed to attack it. So, I want to know WHY his codes are false, and WHAT exactly are wrong with them?
Thanks, Daniel.


There are several things wrong with the codes as presented in Mr Bauscher's codes book (Divine Contact..). I could discuss the flows in the application of statistical methods, the methodology and logic of the "experiment" presented there. In my opinion it is not a good science. Good intentions, authors dedication to the idea, enormous amount of work and time put into it are obvious, but these are not enough to accept the claim. The proof is faulty.

A major and very simple blow to the DBs claim is that:
1) he himself wrote "If this Codefinder edition of The Peshitta NT had one letter more or less ,the code would disappear"
2) the text used for finding the codes and calculations is that of an electronic version of the Peshitta (UBS edition) made available in the Online Bible program and then used in a program (codefinder?) developed by some people who managed to flog it to DB. This text has several errors in it. I have checked it, they are quite minor but enough to ruin the whole thing. I can dig out the details for you if you want.

And there you have it. I do not even have to go to probabilities, hypothesiss testing (which I believe Dave did not understand when he was applying it in the book), etc. 1/ and 2/ simply do not go together. Not for me. It's been discussed in another thread, in the codes sub-forum.

Please note that I have not joined the "Who is Dave Bauscher" thread, it is kind of not nice to talk about a person in a "who is he" manner if they decided not to take part in the discussion. I have also never attacked him or his translation of the NT, I do not know him personally and do not know enough Aramaic to say anything about this translation. But I simply can't stand claims based on non-logic and will challenge them always, if only have time. Also, I'm not saying that there are no codes in the Bible or Peshitta, only that Bauschers method to prove it was wrong.


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