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What is wrong with the Bauscher codes?

I can understand your feelings on this, because I have had them as well. I too had hope that Mr. Bauscher had made a pure or as pure as could be made translation, but I have found a number of things where his own personal religious leanings and doctrinal beliefs have trumped the clear meaning of a text...To the point of being misleading...And that is very dangerous to people reading the translation. I am sure he meant we'll, but that does not excuse it or make it ok.

Mr. Bauscher has confessed that the original Aramaic text that he used in his codes program was sent to him by a person who made a few mistakes when typing the text and thus making the New Testament text longer than it really is. Mr. Bauscher did not know this at the time, nor did the person who made the mistake....

So, when Mr. Bauscher got the text in his code program, he ran the text as was to find Bible codes in it...

We'll, he found a number of long codes that he believes was put there by God.... Come to find out later, after he noticed the mistakes in the text and after taking them out, that the shorter and correct Biblical text would not bring him the long codes that the error text showed him....

Now, instead of saying, well I got that wrong.... Mr. Bauscher started to believe that God made all that happen to show him that the codes were real. You see Mr. Bauscher sees himself as the instrument of God, in bringing the world the perfect New Testament he could not have made a mistake there, it was God just getting his attention so he could look closer for codes. The codes where from God he says, even though the Text had errors in it from a man....

This is very dangerous thinking....

Is his translation to be discarded? No more than Lamsa's translation should be...I will still consult them both as well as the others out there but I never trust a translation above what the Holy Spirit speaks to me in my spirit as HE leads me and guides me into all truth...Would to God that we all hear that voice loud and clear.... Amen

Mr. Bauscher truly believes that the text he used is the only perfect text and God inspired one out there and that the codes he found were put there by God to prove it is the only true text.... Even when a man made a mistake, God somehow made sure that the man made just the right mistakes so that the long codes would appear for Mr. Bauscher to find them....

This is what was conveyed to me by Mr. Bauscher himself.

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