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What is wrong with the Bauscher codes?
I''ve put a lot of faith and money into the various works that Dave has offered on lulu, incluiding his interlinears, gospels, and eventually his plain english NT. But after reading the forum "Who is Dave?", Ive been regretting my faith in his flawless NT because literally everyone seemed to attack it. So, I want to know WHY his codes are false, and WHAT exactly are wrong with them? I was so interested in his NT because Ive always wanted a flawless Bible (since we do serve a flawless GOD, can you blame me?), and Ive always despised textual variations in our Bible, and didnt understand why they would even exist if GOD really wanted his word protected.

I would also like to ask Andrew, are you certain that the text of MARI is the closest to any original on the face of the Earth?Why are you going to have the Western 5 in Mari if you believe they are not part of the original Eastern canon? If you are going to promote the Eastern text as much as you do, it makes no sense why you would insert these books, but leave out the Canannite woman scenario in John.

Thanks, Daniel.

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