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What is wrong with the Bauscher codes?
Dear beloved D.Paul and brother Aaron,Berek Alaha! Thank you for your kind replies.I remember reading somewhere that the Estrangelo script was originally developed specifically for writing the Holy Gospels-Scriptures in.Is this true? Its plain that evangelion-ie-Greek loanword for Holy Gospel (Good news)is within the word itself. I am sorry if it seemed like I was critisizing Roth's translation but the translating the word for cross as stake when no other Peshitta translator has done so is disturbing to me. In respect of brother Aaron stating that Mr.Roth was just literally translating the word,he also goes on in his footnotes with this and also has an essay in the back about this.As I said prior it is common knoledge that the Romans crucified their victims on a horizontal beam throgh the outstreched wrists which was affixed to the upright beam where the feet would be nailed through.The cross has profound,deep and mystical symbolism also as it is the tool of our redemption and represents the salvation bestowed upon us through our Holy Yashua's crucifixion and also represents that what we must carry within our lives to truely follow our Mari,Alaha and Makydoneh.There are numerous other theological issues involved also but its not necessery to list them. He himself points out the fact that MarYah is the proper name for God in Aramaic,being the actual cognate for the Hebrew Tetragrammaton YHWH but uses the Tetragrammaton instead.This is just confusing to me as he has himself pointed this out.He also points out in his intro also that Alaha is the cognate for Elohim,with Eloah obviously being the singular of Elohim,but uses Elohim instead of Alaha which is the Aramaic,not the Hebrew.This is also confusing as the Peshitta is Aramaic of course,not Hebrew.These Hebrew Divine names are very,very common in Messianic translations but not the Peshitta.His translation is fantastic however and I didn't mean to open up an proverbial can of worms.I was just praying for a more ancient Apostolic Christian approach in the notes and commentaries as I'm an Oriental Orthodox Christian and Deacon.It would be wonderful as brother Spyridon pointed out in a few of his posts if a Peshitta translation was issued by the Church of the East,Syrian Orthodox,Syrian Malankara(Indian)Orthodox,or Syrian Maronite Catholic church(or Chaldean Catholic church).I am Oriental Orthodox but recognise the complete Orthodoxy of the Holy Church of the East and know that what happened at Ephesus was completely a matter of politics and semantics in regards to Mar Nestorius as he was fully Orthodox and was faithfully representing the Antiochian school of Christology which is what prevailed at Chalcedon which is something most Eastern and Oriental Orthodox Christians will not admit even though the proof is irrefutable.The OSB-Orthodox study bible is nice but it is the NKJV for the New Testament and a new translation of the Septuagint for the Old Testament.I pray one of the ancient Syriac churches will issue a study Bible translation of the Peshitta which is and always has been the true,pure Holy Scriptures of the Church of the East,Syrian Orthodox,Syrian Malankara Orthodox,Syrian Maronite Catholic or Chaldean Rite Catholic(Church of the East under Rome).We have such a wealth of beloved Saints who have written such splendid commentaries such as Theodore of Mopsuestia,Diodore,St.Ephrem,Aphrahaat,St.Issac,St.John of Dalyatha,Narsai,ect that a study bible of the Peshitta from the Syriac church would be so wonderful.Have you considered doing this Deacon Paul? I have been going to the local Syrian Maronite church for Quorbono as there isn't a Church of the Church of the East or Syrian Orthodox or Syrian Malankara Orthodox church here in Minneapolis.At least in the Maronite Church portions of the liturgy are in Aramaic and they are from the Syrian Rite.The liturgy is the original Divine liturgy of St.Jame's but highly abbreviated and somewhat westernised.The Peshitta has always been the Scriptures of the Maronite church but liturgically they use the NRSV in the USA because of the sitiation with the latin rite Catholic Dioceses.This is unfortunate. In Yashua,D.Michael

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