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What is wrong with the Bauscher codes?
Dear brothers and sisters in Yashua, Berek Alaha! Although it is an intriguing subject regarding codes MarYah could have placed within the Holy Peshitta,the true original Holy Gospels of our Lord,Alaha and Makydoneh Yashua Msheekha in the original Aramaic, Mr.Bauscher has made a huge mistake just by using the incorrect name for MarYah as Jehovah. It is common knoledge that scribes in the middle ages tried to use the vowels from Adonai and place them within the Tetragrammaton YHWH.Yahweh is far more accurate.This was done not only by the Catholic scholar to Pope Leo10 in the 16th century Peter Galantius but also by Jewish scribes.This is purely a mistake and it is obvious from the Peshitta that MarYah is the proper way to address almighty God the Father from the true Aramaic perspective.Andrew Roth points this out in his wonderful trans but he doesnt employ MarYah either but uses the tetragrammaton even after pointing out that MarYah is used 7000 times in the Tanakh alone.He uses Elohim instead of Alaha also.These are of course the Hebrew equilivents but the Peshitta is ARAMAIC not Hebrew.I dont understand why he did this nor why his new edition of the AENT is in the HEBREW script.I feel he is allowing his own Netzari Jewish faith influence his work which is very evident with his translating the word for cross into stake when it is common historical knoledge that the Romans crucified victims on a horizontal bar that was affixed to the vertical beam.The cross is a very Holy symbol of our redemption which Roth himself unknowingly alluded to when he pointed out that MarYah brought about the initial creation in the form of a cross as the Word was spoken while the Spirit of MarYah hovered over the waters. I'm not trying to judge anyone,MarYah forbid, but the truth is the truth. I pray Father Deacon Paul can help Mr.Roth in this regard.I love Andrew's trans and have learned much from it as I have from all the good Peshitta trans but I feel he has really let his own personal beliefs colour alot of his commentary and a good handful of pivital verses. It would be great to see all of the current Aramaic Peshitta scholars come together and make a faithful,unbiased trans.Deacon Younan's is by far the best.I have even learned much from Victor Alexanders idiomatic trans which is very,very beautiful.Magiera's is quite good as are Murdock's and Etheridges at the time,and even Lamsa's which was the only one in print 25 years ago when I was quided by the Lord to the Holy Peshitta.I have learned much from them all and thank MarYah for this blessing.The Aramaic Peshitta codes is a very interesting subject but I think Rev Bauscher should be aware that the name Jehovah is just a plain down right mistake which I'm quite surprised he isnt aware of. I'm just a humble Deacon in the Orthodox church but I think that accuracy of knoledge,exspecially when one takes it upon themselves to be a Malpana is very important as Mar Jacob points out in his Ruach filled epistle.In Yashua,D.Michael.

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