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Concerning the Western Five
September 7, 2008

The following is a decription of the origin of the Westerm Five written by David Bauscher in his "the Original Aramaic New Testament in Plain English. These are very important comments that need to be reviewed by others.

"The Western Five

The Epistle of 2nd Peter is not included in The Peshitta ; neither is 2nd John, 3rd John, Jude or Revelation. Those books are supplied in John Gwynn???s edition of the General Epistles from The Crawford Aramaic manuscript and others of these books.

These books have been included in the Western Canon of The Syrian Orthodox Church, The Maronite Church and others which use the Aramaic NT, however, the General Epistles in those churches have been based on The Harklean Syriac Version, which is a translation from the Greek NT into Aramaic done in AD 616.

The text used by John Gwynn is not The Harklean Version. The texts of the two editions are quite diverse in many places, & Gwynn characterizes the Crawford & Palestinian Aramaic texts used as very Peshitta-like ??????as idiomatic as The Peshitta???- and of a high quality, unlike the Harklean???s Aramaic, which is quite crude and stilted, -???has systematically done violence to the Syriac??? - very obviously a literal translation of Greek. (See John Gwynn???s introductions to Remnants of The Later Syriac Versions of The Bible & The Apocalypse of St John. Gwynn was not a Peshitta primacist, however; he believed the Syriac .T was entirely translated from Greek.)"

Is Dave correct?

I am not sure which text was used by Andrew.

Shlama Akhi Otto:
There are two versions of the W-5. The Philoxinian Recension (represented by the Crawford Manuscript (Syriac MS-2, J.R.U.L.M.) and the Harklean Version (represented by the 1905/1920 UBS)

Check this out...
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This PDF contains the very scholarly view that the Crawford Codex (Ms #12) is in very fact the Philoxinian Recension. I haven't had time to read the entire book but the intro is very thought provoking.

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