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Ryan's Review of Dave Bauscher's Work
Shlama ,

I want to say that I felt rather bad after being pretty hard on Bauscher's translation.

Here's a review from Amtsyah (Ryan)......It's actually WONDERFUL!! Check it out:

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful:
5.0 out of 5 stars The "Hebrew Dialect" of Jesus - Aramaic, August 1, 2008
By R. W. Dooley (Midwest, U.S.) - See all my reviews
Especially with the entrenched battle recently over the New Testament Scriptures' historical, textual reliability, it would seem that a break - a breath of fresh air - such as a new discovery of profound or even epic proportions, would be invigorating and gratuitously refreshing. Not only for the layman, either.

Most Bible translations are drafted by translation teams, headed by committees, more often than not are encompassed by theological agendas, and fortified with textual insecurities. Revelations such as these have a tendency to drive even the most intellectually circumspect, into the madness that we see nowadays where scholars have devoted their entire lives to the task of deciphering the Biblical texts' true underlying history and variances amongst themselves, only to spiritually conclude for their own professed life of faith towards God, that He cannot indeed be found for sure in these texts. Circuses like Da Vinci Codes and Lost Christianities have been, and will never end. However, the true veracity of Holy Scripture remains at the fore of debate unyieldingly. Truly, there is something supernal as to the very nature of the Jewish and Christian texts. But can there ever be found a sure answer to the fidelity of at least the New Testament, in light of ever-rising and most pertinent criticisms coming from the accredited academic world?

I believe there is. Having tracked a profound, yet also profoundly little-known group of independent scholars for a few short years now, I have seen first hand more fruit in their labors than in all the fruit of Greek New Testament apologetics, combined. Up until now, there has been an exceedingly sparse amount of English translations from the most ancient of all New Testament manuscripts - the Aramaic. As the Biblical Archaeology Society gains more interest in the ancient Greek manuscripts found in an old monastery, and the rest of Christendom and the liberal academic world such as Bart Ehrman's continue to gestate ideas about which exactly are indeed the most ancient and therefore most reliable of New Testament manuscripts, all this while, a secret has been hiding in plain open sight.

Remember the movie "The Passion of the Christ"? How we all had to sit and watch it with English subtitles? Now, remember why? Because the main language it was produced in was an ancient and little-known one called "Aramaic". Most scholars today, even those predominate ones who've taught us all what they themselves were taught by their teachers - that the New Testament was originally written in Greek - will confess, if they are being honest, that the language Jesus spoke and conversed with His everyday disciples and Jewish countrymen in .......

was Aramaic.

So the story goes, that Jesus and the crew conversed in Aramaic, and then in an act of some sort of reverence towards those outsiders beyond the boundaries of the Holy Land, decided to lay down the Divine Revelation of the New Covenant Scriptures - in Greek! That way, the story goes, everyone could read the Scriptures, since the international tongue of the Roman Empire was .......

Koine Greek!

However, the Roman and Greek Churches were NOT the only ones to make it out of the 1st - 4th centuries alive and into ours! If this sounds new to you, then be informed that there has indeed been an ancient secret kept from much of the Western world for nearly 2000 years: the Church of the East. Speaking Assyrian today (which is like saying "Neo-Aramaic"), they have preserved BY RECORD an entire collection of the New Testament, written in .......


There has been a sprinkling of western scholars from the past couple of centuries up until now that have further investigated this excruciatingly important set of documents, analyzing them for internal consistency, and also against the Greek. The findings have been stupendous! If ever there was scholarship bearing ripe and luscious fruit, instead of headaches and beat-around-the-bushes circular reasoning for "authoritative" defenses, it has surely borne from this ancient tree of Aramaic preservation. The texts were not later scribbled down after floating around orally for hundreds of years .......

They bear the marks of 1st Century originality, and their message will pierce you straight to the heart! For a closer look for yourself, I'd highly recommend a few websites, in conjunction with this fresh and convicting piece of translational phenomenon:

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> (the author's website)
<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> (great resources)
<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> (more great resources)
<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> (the artery of Aramaic NT scholarship)

This English translation of the Original Aramaic New Testament (called "Peshitta" in Aramaic, which means "simple; straight; true") is likewise just that:

and true!

I'd highly recommend going ahead and getting the translation itself first, to FEEL the message contained therein, in contrast to most every other English Bible translation out there. You WILL feel the difference. I personally have no credentials to speak of, nor to "back me up" by, other than having interacted with the translator himself through my computer, asking him questions, and talking about life. If you're wondering whether I'm biased for this Bible translation because I believe everything he believes, then the answer is a big-time NO. We share big-time differences in many areas of understanding the Bible. Or whether he pays people to write reviews: NOPE. I'm writing from a compelling that his work merely captures a Millennia-old Original New Testament Text written in Aramaic, into today's international language of commerce, English. And at this present moment, it is by far THE BEST IN PRINT!!! (most of the others available can be found at the second website listed above).

So, in a break from credentialed academia, where he took courses affording him the opportunity to master the Classical Greek language of Jesus' day by which to read the ancient Greek translations with, as well as to view many of the manuscripts and fragments personally, he began to pursue wholeheartedly a newfound textual obsession: that of the Original Language of the Original New Testament. Yes, a Greek scholar who became convinced that the New Testament was originally written in Aramaic! But he, like everyone else who believes this, did not, and presently cannot, learn this in a university classroom. Traditions dies hard, for sure! But not for the Church of the East, the ancient gatekeeper of this sacred and ancient secret.

Delving into the world that Jesus lived - His culture, His LANGUAGE, His Written Text - satisfies with an undying satisfaction, long after the suspicions have passed which the "Da Vinci Code" arose, "Misquoting Jesus" continues to arise, and who knows what else will surface. If you liked "National Treasure 1 & 2", have a palate for "Indiana Jones"-style discovery, are addicted by adrenaline to which is spicier - Divine Truth or Gnosticism - and thereby are a seeker; an inquisitor on an inquisition; or just plain curious as to what a real-life "Lost Christianity" has been keeping FOR the world all these centuries, pure and unbroken from the very hands of the Apostles themselves; a Divine Code with a timeless and layered message .......

then I HIGHLY recommend that you snatch this invaluable trove of Divine Revelation translated ....... one of the first on the English scene in history! A faithful translation, done by a faithful translator, it breathes with life, with force, with Truth. You do not want to miss this, as more will be on their way, and this is one of the most exciting fields of study in earthly existence!
Ryan, I did NOT ask you if I could do this, but here it is.

Bauscher's translation is basically BETTER than ANY other modern translation in print, EXCEPT for Paul Younan's Four Gospels.

I've got to get over my anger at Dave.

MarYah please help me.

Shlama, Albion

P.S I type on a new computer and I don't really understand why some letters are red. I need to get used to a new system. So, sorry for the color mistakes above. Albion
PAUL, If your gonna take all of this down....PLEASE LEAVE Ryan's Review, It hurts NO ONE, and it names NO ONE. Thanks, Albion

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