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Major difference between MARI/PEACE and Bauscher's NT
September 5, 2008

In the introduction to his ???The Original Aramaic New Testament in Plain English??? Dave Bauscher states:

???I believe what I have in my possession and from which I have translated here (The Aramaic text, not the translation itself) is the exact, word for word, letter for letter, original and Divinely authored New Testament! It contains no errors of any kind historical, grammatical, orthographical, textual, geographical, scientific, or theological!???

Dave is not using the Eastern Peshitta, but rather he is using a version of the Peshitto that received when he purchased the ???CodeFinder??? computer program. I think it may be the same version that is found in the ???Online Bible??? which is called ???Peshitta??? but which has 27 books and is apparently a version of the Western Peshitto.

Dave???s position on the Aramaic text of the New Testament is quite rigid. He is convinced that he has been chosen by God for a ???divine contact??? given by ???Bible Codes??? that he has uncovered in the Western Peshitto text. In fact, he seems to believe that the Western Peshitto that he used is the ONE AND ONLY PERFECT TEXT and it has exactly 461,094 letters. This is the divine and perfect text that has the Bible codes that he has been chosen by God to ???discover???. Even a small change of the text would create a text that is no longer PERFECT.

Dave???s text cannot be perfect since it does not agree perfectly with the 22 books of Eastern Peshitta or of the Khaboris Manuscript which most of us believe to be the most reliable. For example, Dave???s text has the woman in adultery in Chapter 8 of John. The Peshitta does not.

The main reason that Dave makes this incredible claim is that he really believes his Bible Code interpretations, but his conclusions are faulty because he has misinterpreted the statistical variability associated with the random sorting of letters in words, phases, and sentences. I have explained this in detail to him, but to no avail. I evaluated his methods and analyzed his Bible Code data and explained to him that there is really nothing significant in any of his results. [My explanation can be found in the Aramaic Bible Codes section of this forum.]

The whole Bible code process is really somewhat silly. Any objective statistician or actuary will recognize its flaws. Unfortunately, the Bible Code claims can be a serious distraction that interferes with logical and scholarly consideration of the wonderful Peshitta text.

I look forward to reading Andrew???s translation of the true Peshitta text.



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