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Major difference between MARI/PEACE and Bauscher's NT
Shlama all,

Albion, welcome back and good to see you in high spirits again. Ryan, thanks for that encouraging constructive criticism. And rungold, I agree with Rafa concerning Mari vs Bauscher, I think they will be complementary. How many Bible versions do you own? One more wouldn't hurt now would it? I remember akhan Andrew saying a while back that some samples will be released near the time of official publication, probably when the Netzari Press website goes up. Then you'll be able to decide, if what we've said so far hasn't yet convinced you. Either way, I don't think anyone who gets a copy of akh Andrew's Mari will regret it. Now we're just waiting for akhay Paul & Yaaqub to complete & bring out their translations. And Dave Bauscher is working on the Peshitta OT, and I very happy about that and wish him all the best where that's concerned.

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