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Major difference between MARI/PEACE and Bauscher's NT
Shlama Mishpacha,

Albion has made it known through channels that have reached me, that he has been very desirous to reply to this thread, but presently cannot. Please pray for him, all of you, with all your might, that YHWH would give to him victory concerning his very grievous "technical problems" situation, of which most of you probably are aware of by now. He literally cannot communicate to this Forum right now due to outside hindrance, which to my understanding, has also an active presence on this Forum. Now, this "technical difficulties" virus has also recently penetrated my computer systems, where I've received false emails from him with nothing in them (key-logging programs), and other "shadow" problems. I would pray that all of us here can be "man enough" and "woman enough" to pray together with all our might, and exercise through all our free-will abilities to act, together, in resisting this stumbling block to not only our dear brother and dearest believer, but for ourselves every one of us, as well. I know that this problem is effecting others as well.

In addenda to this specific information and prayer request, I would also boldly illicit your heart-felt prayers and intercession for Albion's health. He has been very miserable these past couple of days, and I would like to remind you all of Moshe's "helpers" who held up his arms from sagging during Israelite battle one time. Albion has been very brave thus far, and it's come time that all those who would call themselves believers, come together and stand as echad / ONE, so that perhaps we could collectively at least squeeze out the faith of a tiny mustard seed. I have desired this for my life, and pray to God for this faith in me for others myself, and I think the problem really, is us. But, if this is too "theological", then perhaps I should look elsewhere for Biblical scholarship. I do not believe only in debates, especially about the most supernatural Text in the entire universe. And especially when the Peshitta NT is Itself a 100% theological Treatise from Heaven Itself. So please, let's all stand together (per the Peshitta's desire, at least) for at least one man, until this one man receives enough faith to be set free, yes?

Then, perhaps we can go in pecking order down a list, and watch Andrew, Christina, Dave, Dawid, Otto, Paul, Rafa, RunGold, Stephen, and everyone else be lifted up and set free in their personal lives, as Yeshua died so horribly for. Persecution for the Gospel's sake is one thing, but all of us lagging around in life as gimps looking instead more like a complete denial of the very Gospel we profess, is an entirely different (and eisegetical) matter. And I'm looking in the mirror, so don't give me any excuses; give me your prayers instead.

Affectionately yours,

Akh Ryan

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