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Mari/PEACE out this month!
Shlama akhi Andrew,

Yip the first thread on Joel's blog (linked to my first post on the Messianic/Nazarene thread) concerning this YAI scandal, drew much protesting from some of the members of this cult, especially one particular poster "HMI Admin". Man did Joel, Aaliyah & everyone give to him straight, but he just refused to admit defeat. Anyhoo, many of the Hebraic believers on the net, are jumping into the fight so I don't think it'll be much longer before this dies down.

Everyone is used by MarYah in different ways, I believe that you have played an important part by writing Besar Echad for Mari, so the rest of us can reference it to set the record straight that the Peshitta cannot be used to support this debauchery. Aaliyah and all the women, who have been affected by this will be in my prayers.

I see what you mean concerning "you know who", as much as like his work and am glad he's translating the Peshitta Tanakh, his recent behaviour is very disappointing. And you're right, you would think he would support you in this, I doubt that he approves of polygyny.

Shlama w'burketa,

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