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3 Day and 3 Night Entombment of Yeshua
The first time I ever heard a literal 3 Days and 3 Nights for Yeshua's Entombment preached was on Charles Halff's radio program: 'The Christian Jew Hour'.

Dr. Halff is no longer with us, but his radio show lives on.

I was so blown away by this theory that I finally sent away for Halff's booklet on the same subject.

I have since then (sometime in 1988), done more research on the 3 days and 3 nights of Yeshua's Entombment, 'The Sign of Yonah'.

I'm not so sure any longer, that Maran Yeshua was murdered on Wednesday afternoon, or not.

I DO still believe that He very likely spent 72 hours within "the heart of the earth".

What part(s) of DAYS and NIGHTS that Yeshua spent within the tomb, I'm no longer so sure.

I KNOW that He died for ALL OF US, and that he completely fulfilled 'The Sign of Yonah'.

If Paul Younan, says that He was Resurrected on what we now call "Sunday", does it really MATTER what DAY it was?

For years literally, I believed that Yeshua was buried on what we call Wednesday Afternoon, and Resurrected at the very end of the weekly Sabbath.

I have since seen other "time line arguments" that make just as much sense, or perhaps even MORE sense, then does the Wednesday entombment.

I no longer think that WHEN Yeshua Arose is so important, but THAT HE DID ARISE, THAT'S WHAT'S REALLY IMPORTANT.

Christians and Messianic Believers can get so hung up on IDEAS, that they miss seeing the forest, for the trees.

And that may be true, in the case of the 3 day and 3 night Entombment of Yeshua.

And perhaps even MORE important, is when Yeshua said "Behold, I've seen satan fall like lighting".

The devil nor ANY of his minions, has ANY power over ANY of us! PERIOD!

And THIS ALONE, is really worth celebration! AMEIN!

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