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Mari/P.E.A.C.E. (Matthew's Gospel) Review
Shlama all--

Just got off the phone with my publisher Baruch--ALMOST there! Here is what he told me:

1) The non-translation portions of the text (intro, appendices) are now loaded in the final template, but they reside for the moment as separate files.

2) On Monday or Tuesday, Baruch will transmit to me the WHOLE file, as it will appear in published form for the most part. He also wants me to proof on more short entry that he is writing in the Appendix, that of the MEMRA, and I will add touches on how it is and is not like MILTHA. I may also get some additional appendix material in template form or not, since we did proofread those twice already. (He has a few minor final questions to go over with the printers first)

3) Along with the unified mega-file for Mari/PEACE will come a final page total and with that a final word on the price, but as far as he can see now the volume will not be out of the range I mentioned to a few of you a while ago. I don't want to re-pbulsih that number right now because the final number is very close anyway.

4) From there, sometime next week, Mari/PEACE will go to bindery. Granted an on demand print/pay system simplifies some things, but we still have to get a handle on how long a time frame there is from final virtual copy to the first physical one. Baruch tells me he has made special arrangements with the printers to Mari/PEACE at the top of the pile to process immediately, but my own experience with my other books leads me to stil be a bit cautious here. It took 4 months for my first book Signs to get ready for on-demand print, and 2 + months for RQ1. On the other hand RQ2 (Path to Life) was reading in a little more than a week. Also we have to update the web sites peole will buy it from and make that seamless.

Okay so that's it, hot off the press (pun intended). Stay tuned! I think August may be the month...

Shlama w'burkate
Andrew Gabriel Roth

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