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Any Further Word On The Publication of Mari/P.E.A.C.E.?
Dear Andrew,

Let me be real clear here.

My PERSONAL account here at has been hacked. Posts have vanished from my 'inbox'.

I'm 100% certain about this.

I'll ALWAYS answer your posts Andrew, but I was perplexed when I sent you a PM here, and you never answered it.

I KNOW EXACTLY who did this, and he will continue doing this, until Paul finally STOPS him.

I'm angry about this, it's wrong, and it's immoral, not to mentiion his psychic attacks upon my wife and myself.

And that we've spent around $5,000.00 fighting this lunatic (on computers, hardware, and computer softawre) is just criminal.

I absolutely believe that it was he who hacked this group last October (2007), and that he also hacked The Australian and New Zealand COE Forum.

He has a keylogger on my wife's work computer, so anything typed on it, he gets a read out of.

This war has gone on for five YEARS now. I'm sorry that he seems to have intercepted mail from me to you, and from you to me.

I put this on the Forum here,so maybe something will be done about him hacking my account here.

I hope so anyway!

Shlama from your brother in Messiah, Albion


Andrew, did you get ANY of my PM's here at

The last week or so?

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