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Question For Ya'aqub And Ewan
Shlama Ryan and Ewan,

Thank you both for your replies and for your help. I greatly appreciate it.

Ya'aqub, I hope I have not done or said anything here on the forum to offend you in any way. I consider you a dear friend, and I do hope our friendship continues.

Ewan, This is really none of my business, but I'm just wondering. You write as though you have spent some time in Eratz Israel. Is this true? The reason that I ask is that I know that there are now over 10,000 Messianic Jewish Believers there in Israel. I sort of don't know what your spiritual perspective is, I take it that you are a Gentile because of your surname (obviously we both have a lot of Celtic blood). I was just wondering if you have ever attended a Messianic congregation there in Israel.

If you have, I would like to ask some questions about your experience with doing that and how you were treated as a Gentile.

I think I've said somewhere else on the forum here that I'm basically a Zionist, and I think of myself as a Messianic Gentile.

I don't know at this late date in my life if we'll ever get to Israel or not, but I would sure like to experience worship among a native Israeli (Sabra) Messianic congregation. So I was just wondering if in your travels to Israel if you have experienced this and you might be willing to tell me about it.

I thank both of you again for your kind help here.

Shlama in Maran Yeshua,

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