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Khabouris Font Flipping
Hi Everyone:
I have received a number of requests from individuals asking for the Khabouris Codex transcribed into K'tav Ashuri. For those of you that have Word 2002 there is a simple procedure called "font-flipping". You will have to download all three TTF's (Estrangelo (V1.1), East Adiabene (v1.1) and Levistam (V1.1). This is just a point and click exercise. Follow the proper procedure for installing fonts to your Font file in Microsoft Windows.

Font Downloads
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1) Download any page of the Khabouris transcription of the New Testament Peshitta.
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2) Open the file, and the page originally edited in WORD 2002 will appear.

3) Left click your mouse on Edit, at the top left corner of your computer screen, and left click on the small arrows at the bottom of the list to extend it.

4) Left click on Replace. The Find and Replace window will appear.

5) Left click on More at the bottom of the window.

6) In the extended window left click on Format. A list will appear.

7) Left click on Font. All of your installed fonts will appear in the list.

8) Scroll up the list to Estrangelo (V1.1) and left click on it. Then press OK. The Find and Replace window will appear and you will see Format: Font:Estrangelo (V1.1) will appear under the small top window called Find what:

9) Left click on the lower window called Replace with:.

10) Left click on Format and then Font just as in steps 6) and 7).

11) Scroll up the list to Levistam (V1.1) and left click on it. Then press OK. Under the Replace with: window will appear Format: Font:Levistam (V1.1).

12) Left click on Replace All. The font will change from Estrangelo (V1.1) to Levistam (V1.1). You may have to move the right margin a little to view all of the letters.

13) Save these instructions for future reference. Enjoy!

The fonts East Adiabene (V1.1) and Levistam (V1.1) were originally designed in the same format order as Estrangelo (V1.1) for the purpose of "font-flipping".

S.P. Silver
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