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Missing verses/sections of Chronicles
The Aramaic Peshitta Tanakh published by Wipf and Stock Publishers (Eugene, Oregon; ISBN 1-59244-323-0 <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... tta_Tanakh</a><!-- m --> ) has some missing sections from Sipra Kadmaya d'Dabaryamin and Sipra Beth d'Dabaryamin (First and Second Chronicles). Page iv says:

Quote:The blank spaces which are found only in the First and Second Books of Chronicles (pages 249-284) are in the edition from which these line-blocks were made; and are also found in the MSS. of the Pshitta Version from which the copy was printed in 1852.

Most of these missing portions are a few passages "here and there" throughout Chronicles but in other instances there are half-columns and whole columns which are missing.

Pages with missing verses:

249, 5 verses missing

250, 6 verses missing

253, 2 verses missing

254, 1 verse missing

256, 3 verses missing

263, 3 verses missing

264, 13 verses missing with 1/4 column blank

265, 45 verses missing with 1 entire column blank, and 99% of the second column blank (there is one single verse printed on this page)

266, 3 verses missing

268, 1 verse missing

269, 10 verses missing which constitutes about 1/2 a blank column

273, 5 verses missing

274, 12 verses missing

281, 2 verses missing

282, possibly part of 1 verse although I have not examined it carefully against other mss as of yet

283, 3 verses missing

284, 12 verses missing

Upon further research on these particular missing sections I will document what each of these verses are.

While it is most unfortunate that they are missing from the reprinted version, it could be possible for them to be restored by comparing any manuscripts that were used in its preparation if such are still available, and if not, they can be reconstructed by using other manuscripts, for example, 7a1 (Codex Ambr.).

A little background on this version might be in order, from An Introduction to Syriac Studies, by Sebastian Brock; 2006, Gorgias Press LLC

Quote:"The American Presbyterian Mission printed an edition at Urmia in 1852 containing the entire Peshitta Old Testament; for this, local East Syrian manuscripts were used as the basis, and the script employed is also East Syrian. A revision of this, made by Joseph de Kelayta, was published by the Trinitarian Bible Society in 1913 (printed in rather... dimunitive East Syrian characters; this has been reprinted a number of times). A second Middle Eastern edition, prepared by the Syrian Catholic bishop C.J. David, was published by the Dominican press at Mosul, 1887-92; for this East Syrian script (vocalized) was employed. This edition was reprinted at Beirut in 1951...

I just wanted to share this for those who might be contemplating purchasing this version of the Peshitta Tanakh.

Here's an update with the verses that are missing:

p.249, 5 verses missing; 1 Chron 2:45-49, 55

p.250, 6 verses missing; 4:12, 17-21

p.253, 2 verses missing; 7:39, 40

p.254, 1 verse missing; 8:40

p.256, 3 verses missing; 12:26-28

p.263, 3 verses missing; 24:27-30 (and part of v.26)

p.264, 13 verses missing with 1/4 column blank; 24:31; 25:4-5, 22, 23; 26:14-21 (and part of v.13)

p.265, 45 verses missing with 1 entire column blank, and 99% of the second column blank (there is one single verse printed on this page); 26:22-32; 27:1-34 (entire chapter)

p.266, 3 verses missing; 28:16-18

p.268, 1 verse or part possibly missing (?)

p.269, 10 verses missing which constitutes about 1/2 a blank column; 2 Chron 4:13-22

p.270, 2 verses missing; 5:13,14

p.273, 5 verses missing; 9:21; 11:5-8

p.274, 12 verses missing; 12:1-12

p.281, 2 verses missing; 24:13,14

p.282, 1 part of verse missing; 25:21b

p.283, 3 verses missing; 26:21-23

p.284, 12 verses missing; 27:24-25; 28:11-19

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