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About Ron Moseley
Dear Dawid and Yaaqub,

I can't remember which one of you mentioned "Dr." Ron Moseley, author of 'Yeshua', and 'Covenant Relationships'.

I believe that it was Dawid, so Yaaqub forgive me for addressing you, if I have this wrong, and it wasn't you who mentioned Moseley.

OK, here's the skivvies.

I'm from Arkansas, I was born in Little Rock, and lived in Russellville (Western Arkansas) before I moved to Iowa.

Ron Moseley's daily radio program is carried on KAAY AM, a 50,000 Watt Christian radio station.

Moseley is from Sherwood, right outside of North Little Rock, it's a surburb really.

Around probably 1989 to 1990 I went with my ex-wife to speak to Ron Moseley, we sat across his desk and spoke with him for probably and hour and a half to 2 hours.

I got a chance to pick Moseley's brain pretty well.

1. Moseley believes in HEBREW PRIMACY, and told me to "avoid the P'shitta New Testament".

Which he believed came from the GREEK (if I remember correctly).

2. Ron Moseley is a Charismatic "Word of Faith" prosperity preacher. PERIOD.

One of his greatest quotes: "Kennth Copeland got a new jet airplane, but that's NOT FOR YOU, because YOU HAVEN'T DONE what Kenneth Copeland has done!"

Moseley hides all of this behind this Hebraic mask, like he's this great Hebrew Christian (he's a Gentile by the way!) "scholar".

3. Ron Moseley HATES the disabled AND the sick!

Another great quote: "They keep saying that their SICKKKKKKKKK, because they DON'T HAVE THE FAITH TO BE WELL!"

Can you really see Yeshua actually saying THIS??

Now, in those days I was still working, and was not yet disabled.

But Ron Moseley is "a sick man".

4. His ties with 'The Word of Faith Movement' are known all across the South, and his teaching is directly from these people: Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, Kenneth Hagin, and others of this ilk who's names that I can no longer remember.

His Charismatic stuff I can deal with because I love good Praise and Worship music too.

But Moseley told me right to my face "You wanna know about Yeshua's teachings they are right here!", and he reached for the Mishna, and pulled it out of his bookcase, and put it on his desk.

5. Ron Moseley is A JEWISH WANNABE, just like Trimm!

He told me that if he could've been born Jewish, he would've been.

He said to me "I run with scholars!" meaning when he is in Jerusalem, he hangs with The Jerusalem School of Synoptic Research.

Moseley is "a good ole boy" caught in some Southern science fiction time warp, and is in way over his head.

He's teaching his whole Congregation "how to be Jews".

Look, I LOVE the Jewish people. It was a Jewish woman who first really turned me on to Messiah, and who really explained the New Testament to me.

But we are not mean't TO BE JEWS. We were born in these Gentile bodies, and I absolutely do NOT think that this is some sort of 'cosmic accident'.

6. Ron Moseley has hood winked the American Messianic Movement.

But all that Messianic Jews need to do is listen to his radio broadcast daily for about 2 weeks, and they will have heard enough.

Moseley is just another James Trimm, he's way smarter than Trimm (which would'nt be too hard!), but the two were cut out of one piece of material.

His dislike of the P'shitta N.T. (almost bordering on disgust) should be enough to send warning flags up for anyone.

His belief in a Hebrew Original N.T. is a joke. Where is this supposed ancient "Hebrew New Testament"?

Let the buyer beware!

Shlama, Albion

P.S. One last thought here.

Moseley's church ('Sherwood Bible Church') had built "A House of Study" next to their church.

I thought that that was kool.

They took the Eucharist (please excuse my Anglicized word here) EVERY WEEK, which is extremely unusual for a Protestant Word of Faith Charismatic Church!

But even these kool things did not dismiss his dissing the P'shitta N.T., and his quest to "become Jewish".

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