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Aramaic English Standard Version
Shlama Albion & Ya'aqub,

I have Younan's version, which is definately the best translation so far (I think practically everyone is in agreement) and it's good to know that many new translations of the Aramaic NT are pouring in.

I can't wait for Roth's version,

BTW Andrew.G.R, are you planning to release MARI/P.E.A.C.E in electronic format as well as hardcopy? I hope you will consider it for those who of us who live outside the US (like myself, shipping books to my country is very expensive)?

However where the POT is concerned we are still not so spoiled with choice, we only have Lamsa, Vicotor Alexander & the AESV (as far a I know), and Lamsa's one is the only complete one. For me the AESV is the best of three but their AESV NT is not as impressive so my interest of your guys opinion is more the AESV OT (so far they only have the Torah) as we already have good PNT translations (Younan, Bauscher & upcoming MARI/P.E.A.C.E). So what is your opinion of the OT portion of the AESV? And is anyone here at planning to do an interlinear POT? That would wonderful.


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