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Aramaic English Standard Version
Shlama Christina,

You know, I really appreciate your vote of confidence, but I'm by NO means an expert in P'shitta versions!

I neither speak, nor read, IN SYRIAC. THAT'S what it would take to even begin to be "an expert" in the area of translation of the P'shitta N.T.

I can tell you that I copied the transliterated gospel of MATTHEW (this is the only New Testament book that these folks had transliterated at that time....and I believe that this is still true) as published by these folks in question, and put it into a binder.

It's only OK, and it copies freely (in SOME places) from James Trimm's "Hebrew Roots" version of the New Testament, which was itself a plagiarized version of 'The Way International's Aramaic/English Interlinear New Testament'.

See: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->

James Trimm is a wicked and an evil person. Avoid his "work".

I tell you who IS "an expert". Both Paul Younan and Andrew Gabriel Roth are "experts" at the P'shitta New Testament.

Paul Younan's Aramaic/English Interlinear Peshitta New Testament is an awesome translation!

If you don't have it, I strongly suggest that you buy it, or print it off here at

And I also have **very high hopes** for Andrew Gabriel Roth's coming translation of the P'shitta New Testament, called 'MARI' ('My Lord'), or P.E.A.C.E., which is due out in the Spring of this year (2008).

These men who represent the Assyrian Church of the East (Paul Younan is a Deacon in this ancient Church, and he's also a very nice, kind, and down to earth guy).

And Andrew Gabriel Roth, who represents the Modern day 'Nazarene' movement, which is made up of mostly Messianic Jews and "Messianic Gentiles" (neither of these terms is a really great translation of what I perceive the modern Nazarene Movement to be, however)...these men are our "experts in versions" of the P'shitta New Testament and we are greatly Blessed to have them at the helm of the Aramaic Primacy Movement!

Shlama, Albion

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