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Aramaic English Standard Version

I purchased a copy of their "Little Peshitta" and it's "OK" but it's not translated from the common Aramaic Peshitta. I've done some work for the Peshitta Foundation too and I still do once in a while and they host two of my sites (I explain why on my site) but I'm not a member of their group because of theological differences. Personally, I don't recommend their "Peshitta" if you're looking to purchase a translation from ARAMAIC. Their group is a Hebrew Primacist group and not Aramaic. They say the Hebrew came first and that the Aramaic Peshitta is a targum of the Hebrew text. That's something I personally don't agree with.

The Peshitta Foundation was once associated with the "Church of Jerusalem" (which is not Christian) but they've since become independent from that church. This was told to me by their general director. I've been to their office in Israel and they have a lot of old Aramaic and Hebrew manuscripts which they collect, scan and transcribe.

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