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Was Jesus Forsaken On The Cross? (Part 1)
Hello everyone-
I ran across my "old" question and decided to give an update of my research.

1. Most of what I stated is correct by intent. The Story is the story of a Service Group that has Temple Service for the Passovers of 4 BCE and 9 CE. What needs to be corrected is the name of the Service Group.
The Service Group is the group, "Immer", not "Abijah".

2. The Group name, "Immer", is close to "Immar", as we would spell it. "Immar" <=> "Lamb", as in, "The Blood of the _____".

3. These Stories are about the Primacy of the Hasmonaeans and the Primacy of the House of Eleazar. "Immer" is the 16th and last member of Eleazar's contribution. See 1 Chronicles 24.

4. As you look at the "Time Markers" of "Hannah the Prophetess" (Luke 2), "The Old Man by the Pool" (John), the Twin Stories of "The Woman with the 12 Year Issue of Blood" (Mark) and "Jairus' Daughter" (and others) and move backward from 8/9 CE to the given subtracted year, you will find references that parallel the story - Hannah is in the Temple for 84 years. 8 + (-84) = -76 <=> 76 BCE. What happened in 76 BCE? The WIDOW Salome survives Alexander Jannaeus. Jannaeus is a Legitimate Hasmonaean, a High Priest and King.

5. These Time Markers reference the Death of the Lineal Priestly Rulers through Antigonus. After these are killed, the remaining Priests an supporters gather for Passover in 4 BCE and are MASSACRED. See Josephus, _Antiquities..._ 17 and _War of the Jews_, Book 2 for the OTHER side of the Story.

Luke 13:

[23] And some one said to him, "Lord, will those who are saved be few?" And he said to them,
[24] "Strive to enter by the narrow door; for many, I tell you, will seek to enter and will not be able...

This looks back from the 9 CE Passover (Possibly in 8, before the Passover). A few do survive to get to the 9 Passover but the Priest who survives the Slaughter in 4 BCE is killed.

6. Therefore, "My God, my God, for this I was SPARED!" OR "...for this was I KEPT!" OR ... is CORRECT. The Priest in 4 BCE performs the Perfect Sacrifices. As he expects God to stand by him and remove the Herodians, the Romans and especially - ESPECIALLY - the Pharisees, the soldiers roll in and Slaughter EVERYONE. Passover is cancelled! "How could this be?!??"
There is another Passover in 12 years that duplicates the Passover of 4 BCE. "Immer" is in Service for this Passover as well. The Priest, however, is intercepted. There is a Crucifixion for this episode, probably in Caesarea. The Priest, who survived by a miracle, is now killed. Hence, "My God, my God, for this I was Spared?".

It makes perfect sense and is seen where no intention of this translation was even dreamed.

The Story of the Hasmonaeans and the House of Eleazar gets dismembered and rewritten. The Promises of the Priesthood are transferred to the Romans - by the Romans.


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