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Khabouris Discoveries
Quote:I am 100% behind your zeal in some respects.

Well thanks Larry!

I had to do a little research to find out what I needed to learn Hebrew. I finally decided on a course that a lady from Israel offers online. That course would push me to not just read it but actually write and speak it, and I would be able to have access to the instructors for my questions.

I found a program over at Foundation Stone that you can use to type out words and it will help you learn Hebrew, similar to one of those typing programs. Their site also has news casts from israel that were slowed down some so that you can practive hearing hebrew spoken and you can practice speaking along with it.

I picked up a scanned copy of the original Dutillet medieval text so I can practice on that also. I have the orthegraphy for it and other different styles of it.

I'm learning Hebrew first as it was what I was pointed to initially by The Lord. Once I'm somewhat comfortable in it, I will procede into the Syriac. I purchased a program over at the site that is linked on here. We'll see where that takes me.

There is an additional aspect to working with His word that is somewhat overlooked, I feel. GOD used prophets to speak His words. Those prophets had to maintain a closeness to GOD by fasting and prayer. This had to be a daily discipline on their part throughout their lives here. I feel that this is one of the major overlooked areas for anyone who is working with His words. I cannot see how anyone can say with any sort of certainty what they have is original unless GOD has the say-so in it completely. It's His words in the first place, and only He knows what is missing and what is original. So, this has to be a daily practice for one who has this calling.

Juckel and Aland produced a critical text for the scholarly community. They gathered everything together and aligned it similar to Kiraz's work, but way more advanced. The Peshitta is right in the middle on this work.

One nice thing is that they combined every ancient quote from the early church fathers they could find along with this to help show any sort of recension. It is a costly work, but you will not find anything like it. A real advance work from that German community, of which, I'm proud to have direct roots back to from both of my families.

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