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Deceitful Doctrine
Hebrew Code in Peshitta NT

“I AM JEHOVAH” (AHIaH YeHoWaH) code in John 20:27-30 in Hebrew.

Please notice the attached photo of the Aramaic passage at the bottom.

27  And he said to Thomas: Reach hither thy finger, and look at my hands; and reach out thy hand and extend it to my side: and be not incredulous, but believing.
28  And Thomas answered, and said to him: My Lord, and my God!
29  Jesus said to him: Now, when thou hast seen me, thou believest: blessed are they, who have not seen me, yet believe.
30  And many other signs did Jesus before his disciples, which are not written in this book.

The Blue letters, starting with the third Alap a in verse 30, counting backward 14 letters to the end of verse 29, 14 letters takes you to He h, 5th letter from the end of the verse, and another 14 letters back, we have Yod y, and so on, to He h spells hyha–“I Am”. Continuing back 14 letters four more times gives hwhy-“Yahweh”. This is by far the lowest skip rate at which the Hebrew sentence occurs in The 3 editions of The Peshitta NT tested, including The Khabouris ms.. The next highest is 995. One other phrase, “I am The Living God, The Life” –“Ena na Khayay”, has a low skip of 190; all others of the ELS’s with skips greater than 1 have much higher skip rates.
The Khabouris has no skip rate ELS’s lower than 522, so no verses close together have any ELS’s like this one, among the 17 phrases tested.
What is most interesting is the context of the passage, in which our resurrected Lord appears to Thomas, showing him his hands and side, and Thomas falls down and exclaims to Yeshua: “My Lord and my God!”

The words in which the highlighted code letters are found are translated: “Believing, also answered HimJesus. ‘You believed those & believe the signs.’ ”
Even the words in which the code letters are found spell out a coherent message about the faith in The Messiah Yeshua. Put in good English, it says, “And Jesus answered the believer: “You have believed those things; believe also the signs.’”
By itself, the phrase has a 1 in 78 chance of occurring in the Peshitta text. What is remarkable about it is the context in which it occurs in that text and the fact that there is a coherent message in the very words in which the code letters are found which is consistent also with the code phrase (“I AM Yahweh”) and the passage of scripture.
The code was found with the software program “Codefinder”, and searched three editions of the Peshitta NT. The code occurs in the Eastern & 1905 critical Peshitta (a Western edition). The Khabouris is an Eastern manuscript of the 12th century, apparently translated from a mid-4th century manuscript, according to the scribe who copied the manuscript. The Khabouris ms. does not contain the above code.
While the probability that this code would occur in the Peshitta NT is a modest 1 in 78, the probability statistic for this statement occurring in the short passage of the four verses of John 20:27-30, which is about our risen Lord appearing to Thomas and showing him his hands and feet and side, whereupon Thomas exclaims, “my Lord and my God!”, and falls down and worships Him- that probability Codefinder itself computes to be 4 chances out of a million, or one out of 250,000!
 Try to find a similar code message of this length in the context of four verses with the same context as the coded message such as this one in John 20 ("I AM YeHoWaH") where Thomas worships and confesses Jesus to be his Lord and his God. Only the Peshitta text (1905 edition & the Eastern text) contains this. The Khabouris manuscript, however, does not have it.

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