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Deceitful Doctrine
IPOstapyuk Wrote:On the introduction to the forum it is written:

Quote:This forum is dedicated to the fascinating research by Rev. David Bauscher which scientifically demonstrates the primacy and divine inspiration of The Peshitta Aramaic N.T.

Actually, Rev. David Bauscher demonstrates that Peshitta text is corrupted but Peshitto is
the original truth. As much as I know David is a great scholar. It is worth to check
David's demonstrations, maybe he is right..........


i haven't looked at this in many years, but from what i recall, a major factor of David's codes was the "looping" of the Western Peshitto text to achieve the ESLs. while i've personally counted the Hebrew text and seen words arise using ESLs of some measurable skip-pattern, i find it highly unlikely that Alaha intended for us to loop the Aramaic text back on itself to arrive at a sensible term or phrase or sentence, as the proposed Peshitto codes do. i can count 5 letter skips, i can count 50 letter skips, and heck, i can count 500 letter skips, but when you have to loop the entire text back on itself and go into 100's of thousands or even millions of skips, then to me, it quickly loses its divine-stamp aura.

just my observation, but i quickly moved away from hoping in any secret messages, and turned my attention back to the open message of the One who came to publish Good News, and i've been very satisfied!

Chayim b'Moshiach,

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