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Palestinian Aramaic and Syriac
Hi Daniel,

They were very similiar, if not identical. We know this because even the Aramaic words and phrases which were preserved in the Greek versions are perfectly understood by speakers of "Eastern Syriac" (another word for the Aramaic spoken by Christians and Jews of Mesopotamia.)

There may have been regional peculiarities. I say "may" because there is no way of knowing, except for the few phrases preserved in the independent Greek texts, how exactly the dialect in Galilee/Judea worked. We know Galilean and Judean were sufficiently distinct, at least in pronunciation, because of the incident with Peter at the trial and how his speech was "recognized."

It may have been very similiar to the differences between New York and Louisiana English today.

Here are some resources to check for see some of the American "dialects":

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And here is a map of the general dialects in the United States today:

[Image: diausa.gif]
+Shamasha Paul bar-Shimun de'Beth-Younan
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