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The eye
Hi akhi,

you wrote: What if one's eye is full of darkness? How then is it possible for his or her eye to be full of light? And what of the oil in the lamp which serves to illuminate? Is this oil a metaphor for the Law or one's strict adherence to the Law? Is it Love?

--- As Maran said, we must remove the log or piece of the log from before our eyes in order to see. I think the eye sees quite naturally when we remove the obstacles from before them. There are no doubt some exceptions to this.

The oil is the anointing from Meshiacha. The key of David. Kings are anointed with oil in order to watch over what is His. It's an indwelling in our own holy place by the Spirit of the living God. Love proceeds from there like a stream of living water. It's what makes the disciples different from others...this source of spiritual life and understanding. I call it the "shalem" in Jerusalem...which could be rendered "I will see to it's perfection (or wholeness). It's like the balm of Gilead, or the dew on Mt. Hermon. Now, walking this out is a whole other matter...If we are alive in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit! Gal. 5:25 ...and on to the "g'meera" of the full stature of Meshikha. (it is interesting to note the this word begins in a gimmel ,the letter of which means to walk)


knowledge without understanding is just more clutter in the mind but with the framework of love one can build (edify) with it.

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