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Samaritans are still around?

I am not as familiar with some of the information in the article. The Samaritans seem to have some respect for the early Natzrim and certain Christians. I think because there has been so much interest in them from the Christian world in the last 200 years or so. What I can tell you from their own beliefs they believe that the Taheb (Restorer) as they say they believe will come from the tribes of Yoseph (Ephrayim or Menashsheh). their concept of the Taheb is similar to the conept of Mashi'ahh or Mashikha. The difference is that they call the Taheb to be a Prophet like Mosheh and say that he will re-establish the Set-Apart place on Mount Gerizim. This is the connection with what Yeshua` discussed with the Samaritan women when she referenced the Mountin where here people worshipped.

Certain things Yeshua` said also seem to have had some significance in Samaritan type of belief. Yet, they do disagree with some things of course. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

Benyamin Tzedaka may be able to help you more. He has a web-site at the following link.

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Shimson bar-Tzadoq

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