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Dave B's Peshitta Bible Codes and Peshitta Primacy
No, Steve, you are not simply stating the facts. You are stating your opinions and opinions of others and calling them facts.

You wrote:
Quote:I don't think I'm being dogmatic at all. The Crawford Manuscript-Book of Revelation is translated from the Greek. To my knowledge, John Gwynn has only transcribed, the Book of Revelation, not the other four of the Western Five

The 1979 Syriac Bible UBS edition (& 1905 edition is identical) is "based on the critical edition of Gwynn's Catholic Epistles and Revelation, as well as Gwilliams' critical edition of the rest of the NT ."
The above comes from David Taylor of Hugoye Journal of Aramaic Studies.

There are lots of claims that these mss. are translations of Greek, but then, most scholars claim the entire Peshitta is translated from Greek, so it is really a moot point.

Crawford and Palestinian Syriac are not The Harklean Version; let's not confuse them.The Harklean version is not all the Aramaic we have with the books in question.
There are many differences between Gwynn's critical text and the Red book edition of "the five".
I have done a detailed comparison in Jude and Revelation between the two texts. The Crawford has readings not found in any Greek ms. listed in any Greek edition:
The "Ephod" [font=Estrangelo (V1.1)]0dwp0 [/font] in Rev. 1:13, ; Rev. 3:7 follows OT Peshitta (Is. 22:22) in Crawford, where the other editions follow Greek NT.
Rev. 7:9 alone has 15 differences from the Red book text, indicating an entirely different character for the Crawford, which is decidedly much more Semitic in nature.
Rev. 9:11 has a reading which should be very telling:
[font=Estrangelo (V1.1)]0r$ ty0 hl 0mS ty0mr0w wdb9 ty0rb9 hm$d 0mwhtd hk0lm 0klm Nwhyl9 ty0w [/font]Re 9:11

Instead of this:And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon.
It has this:And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Aramaic tongue hath his name Apollyon.
No Greek ms. has this.

20:12 in Crawford has "the book of judgment" instead of "the book of life". No Greek ms. has this.
The text of the Red Book has the word "[font=Estrangelo (V1.1)]swnwrt[/font]" (Throne) seven times in chapter 7, which is very Greek sounding; much more so than the seven occurrences of "[font=Estrangelo (V1.1)]0ysrwk[/font]" in Crawford.

20:4 has "korsotha" ("thrones") in Red Book; "mothba" ("a session,congress") in Crawford. This is not from Greek.

My Divine Names experiment and my word pairs experiment (not codes) both demonstrate that the Aramaic of these books is not a translation of the Greek texts.
You may disagree, but you have not proven
me wrong. You certainly cannot charge me with heresy for my position. I believe the entire NT was written in Aramaic and preserved for us as such. You do not believe that. Which is more consistent with Christ's promise in Mat. 24:35 ?

Do you believe the Greek of the western 5 is the original ? There are demonstrable errors in Revelation with its grammar. It would seem confusing that 22 books should be written in Aramaic and 5 more written in Greek by the same men that wrote their other works in Aramaic, their native tongue and the language of their audience and recipients of their first epistles (Peter & John). Or do you believe they were written in Aramaic and lost ?
Either position would seem inconsistent with reason and faith.

I have produced considerable evidence to the contrary. I challenge anyone to refute it with facts. Opinions will not do. Large numbers of opinions will not do. A whole world of scholars' opinions mean nothing.

Only the truth will avail; clear demonstrable facts.

I believe I have 1100 data in my word pair comparisons of the catholics and revelation
that support my conclusion. These are not codes, and they fit the Hebrew OT-LXX model , with the Greek being a translation in both cases. Perhaps you have not had a good look at it, but the rest of the Peshitta
produces the same results as the five- as the Hebrew OT.
What a coincidence !

Where is the heresy in this ?

You may disagree, but you cannot say I am wrong and you are right, because this is a difference of opinion on your part.

I am the one appealing to facts. You have got your "facts" wrong, as I have shown above concerning Gwynn's edition; concerning the "few differences" you claim between Crawford and Mosul 1891.
I have discovered and produced quite a few facts by research.
You are quoting other men who have not done what I have done. I have , in my opinion, discovered something not before done in the modern era, at least. I have discovered substantial evidence that demonstrates the originality and Divine inspiration of the Aramaic NT in its entire 27 book canon.

Hey, if I am wrong, you must grant me a valiant effort in the attempt.

If I am right, I will have slain a Goliath and changed the course of history, and that is what I believe our purpose here should be.

Regardless the outcome, I can honestly say that I do what I do for the the greater glory of God and his Blessed Son and Christ, Our God and Savior of the world, Who came to destroy him that had the power of death, that is, The Devil.

He knows my heart; he knows the outcome.
He loves me the same , either way, and I, Him.
I have considered the possibility that I am wrong, Steve. I may yet turn out to be wrong. If so, I will apologize profusely to the world for it.

Have you considered the possibility that I am right ?


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