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Dave B's Peshitta Bible Codes and Peshitta Primacy
Shlama akhi Steven,

Why are you so dogmatic when you are wrong ?

There are Aramaic mss. for the five. There is the Palestinian Syriac text which has them (5th century) as well as the Crawford manuscript of Revelation, published by John Gwynn, along with his edition of the Catholic epistles, which is incorporated into
the 1905 edition of the Syriac Bible we will be using as the base for transcription of the Khabouris.

The Eastern Church does not include these books, not because they do not exist in Aramaic , but because they do not exist in their mss. Some argue that the mss. containing them were translated from Greek. What difference would that make to anyone outside The COE ? Almost all believe that all Peshitta mss. were all translated from Greek. Nevertheless, the Harclean version and its predecessor , were translated from Greek and revised in the 6th & 7th centuries.

The mss. used in the 1905 edition are different in nature from the Harclean version, and do not look like a translation from Greek. I have tested word pairs (not codes) from Greek NT and Aramaic NT in the Catholic Epistles and Revelation in the article you referred to. The Greek text came from the Aramaic text, based on the 1000+ data I describe of Aramaic to Greek numbers. The Aramaic text of Revelation's Crawford manuscript is the original behind the sloppy Greek texts of Revelation.

Even Lamsa includes all 27 books in his translation and indicates that "later Aramaic mss. include them". Do you really
think these editions (1905 Syriac & Lamsa) would have five books without any Aramaic mss. behind them ?

Ask Paul to verify this if you don't believe me.


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