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Dave B's Peshitta Bible Codes and Peshitta Primacy
Akhi Chris,

The control was a scrambled Peshitta text, as it had the same number of letters , the same alphabet and exactly the same letter frequencies for each letter. I have done separate tests on the Greek NT for Divine names in Greek and have come up empty handed. The results there are insignificant.

As far as the originality of the text itself, my method still works for a slightly altered text; for instance, The BHS text yields codes in significant numbers, but not as significant as The Koren edition, which is used in most synagogues. The BHS edition differs by 130 letters in the Torah from The Koren edition. I used The Koren edition which came with CodeFinder software.

If the text were to be altered by more than 0.5%, the codes would probably disappear. That would be 6000 letters in the Tanakh. Most orthodox scholars believe that The Koren edition is much closer to the original than that; some say that it is a few hundred letters off; some only 6.
It cannot be off by much. I think that if we were to reinsert the 134 missing Yahweh's which the Massoretes altered to Adonai and the few other deliberate alterations they recorded in their Massorahs, (though the # letters would remain the same for Adonai) , we would see even more codes and a purer text.
The massoretes altered these places as a hedge to guard their Bible from enemies. They thought that if non believers stole their Bibles, they would be sure not to give them the absolutely pure
text (casting pearls before swine). Only the Massoretes would know the original, who memorized the changes and preserved the original for the Jewish people. This is not any one piece I have read; it is the conclusion I have reached, having read rabbi Akiba who wrote AD 114 , along with other info. on the Massorah.


Dave B

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