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Namusa and aurayta
Well said akhi. It is both valuable and crucial to see the difference between namusa and orayta. This clarifies greatly the preaching of the Gospel. No such distinction is made in the Greek rendering of law.

I see namusa as relating to Tamim, or innocence, and aurayta as relating to Shalem (a heart that is truly whole for God). Tamim is what righteousness (blamelessness) is humanly possible (the old namusa) through obedience to the law ..and this is judged against the law itself; and Shalem is revelation and consequent justification through faith in the miltha (word) of God. The latter is an appraisal of the heart apart from works. I think the Peshitta text beautifully ties these both together in the word g'meer, as in a sacrifice that is fully consumed or complete (akin to kalil or gamour in Hebrew) . Faith without works is dead, and so is to have shalem without tamim. These are normally at odds, even hostile, towards each we see by the treatment of God's own Son by the tamim crazed sons of Israel....But these are reconciled in Meshikha! He paid the penalty to reconcile the 2 thus making one complete sacrifice ( g'meer). Grace and truth have kissed! So then to follow after Meshikha leads one on to g'meer (hopefully). The Namusa of the New Covenant has now changed from one we may think we can accomplish (represented by the namusa of sin and death) to one we have no control over (represented by the namusa of the Spirit of life in Meshikha). The aurayta of course changes not! (Of course even the aurayta can be seen as dual in that it requires love towards both God AND man. Balance is key here as with all things relating to God)

If I may offer a simplistic yet somewhat interesting equation it would look like this...New Covenant is tamim + shalem= g'meer ;or else....the namusa (of the Spirit) + the aurayta = the whole will of God for us (the full stature of Meshikha) . Comments anyone?

Just my thoughts,

knowledge without understanding is just more clutter in the mind but with the framework of love one can build (edify) with it.

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