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A couple questions
Thanks drmlanc,

Hebrews 7:3-6

Neither his father nor mother is written in the genaolgies, nor the beginning of his day, nor end of his life, but like the Son of God, his priesthood remains forever. See how great this man was, when even Abraham gave him tithes and fristfruits. For they are the sons of Levi, of the priesthood as per the law, they take tithes from the people, from their brothers, when they also come from Abraham. But this man who is not recorded in genealogies, even took tithes from Abraham and blessed him who received promises.

Wow, very interesting. Thank you for the help.

" am also interested in the Peshitta reading of Acts 20:28 vs. the Greek readings. Any help with this would be appreciated as well.

I think I see what you're getting at. Is it "of God", or "of Christ"? It is Christ! So says the Peshitta. Who elses blood would it be... Forget what the Peshitto and Greek says, when they all say "God".

Yes, I've been told by others the Peshitta was different on this verse than the Greek. The Greek seems to imply "Son" anyway as far as I'm concerned..just because of the grammar.

"(p.s. I would also be interested in discussing with anyone their concepts of who this Melchi-tzedek is in the scriptures...and why you think what you think)."

Even though the Aramaic doesn't say like KJV that he had no parents, beginning, end etc I still think it says so. Why was none of this info recorded? Because maybe it didn't exist... I personally think he was a manifestation of God, a type of "Jesus".[/quote]

Interesting. Thank you for sharing your view. I was taught that he was a pre-incarnate "Jesus" but from what I can read in hebrews..he is obviously another figure and according to the you have translated it...a "man." So, I've ruled out, in my mind..that he is Y'shua...and also that he is an angel of some type. But...a manifestation of God? Hmm...not sure. Here is my main problem...who has no beginning or end of days except for God himself? But, we know God isn't a man, and Melchizedek seems to be just that. And no man can have no beginning or end of, that must not be what the text means. I must mean that we have no record of his birth or death. Of course, this would seem to rule out the Jewish thought of him being Shem.

Matt. 5:17-19.

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