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Another schmorgasboard of idioms from Lamsa
Aramaic idioms for OT and NT by Lamsa:

Set me as a seal upon your heart and arm - Keep me in your mind and love me with your strength. In Hebrew and Aramaic thought the heart is the seat of the thoughts. Shows up in Shir HaShirim (Song of Songs) 8:6

Enter into the rock, and hide in the dust - Take refuge in a cave; flee for your life. Shows up in Y'sh`aYahu (Isaiah) 2:10.

He shall rise up at the voice of a bird - The man is so old that even the sound of a bird will keep him awake. Shows up in Qoheleth (Ecclesiastes) 12:4.

Cast your bread upon the water and you shall find it - Give charity and you will get it back. Shows up in Qoheleth (Ecclesiastes) 11:1.

Bake barley cakes with dung - Long seige; severe famine. Shows up in Y'khezq'el (Ezikiel) 4:12.

Take the little book and eat it - Remember it by heart; make it a part of you. Shows up in HaHitgalooth m' HaMashee'akh l'Yukhanan (Revelations) 10:9.

Sweet in my mouth like honey - Overcome by the secret which the book contained. Shows up in HaHitgalooth m' HaMashee'akh l'Yukhanan (Revelations) 10:10.

Note how revelation (Greek...) is Full of Semiticsms!

Have salt in yourselves - Have good mannors; good conduct. Shows up in Markus (Mark) 9:50.

Do not know of what spirit you are - you don't realize what kind of temper you have. Shows up in Luka (Luke) 9:55.

They rose up to play - They rose up to quarrel among themselves. Shows up in Sh'moth (Exodus) 32:6.

I have lifted up my hands - I am taking a solemn oath. Shows up in B'reyshith (Genesis) 14:22.

No man shall lift up his hand or his foot - No man shall do anything without your approval. Shows up in B'reyshith (Genesis) 41:44.

They are bread to us - We can easily conquer them. Shows up in B'midbar (Numbers) 14:9.

Note this example. When the beggar Lazarus died, his spirit was carried away by the angels into ???Abraham???s bosom??? (Lk. 16:22). Truly, this text is made hard by the reference to Lazarus residing in ???Abraham???s bosom.???

What is the significance of the expression? Well, it is a Hebrew idiom. A shepherd might carry a lamb ???in his bosom,??? suggesting a sense of safety (Isa. 40:11). was ???in the bosom,??? of Eloah, indicating the intimate relationship that Mashee'akh has with His Father (Jn. 1:18). At the Passover seder, the taught one Yokhanan reclined ???in the bosom of ,??? which represented a place of great honor (Jn. 13:23).

With these background passages in view, Lk. 16:22 becomes much clearer. When Lazarus died, his spirit was ushered into a place of protection, intimacy, and honor. A hard passage becomes simpler when one understands the language motif employed.

search for more aramaic and hebrew idioms

is the Lord's supper symbolic?!?!?! eat and drink of my flesh and blood is IDIOM?!?!?

Eastern Aramaic Idioms
compiled by Dr. George Lamsa

Hand under thigh - A solumn oath. Shows up in places like B'reyshith (Genesis) 24:2.
The blast of your nostrils - Anger, displesure. [Sh'moth (Exodus) 15:8]

While the flesh was yet between their teeth - They had plenty of food on hand and lacked nothing, but they were ungrateful. [B'midbar (Numbers) 11:3]

Let him dip his foot in oil - Let him become very prosporous. (Oil is symbolical of prosperity.) [D'varim (Deuteronomy) 33:24]

More soon to come.

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