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Mar Aphrahat, OS Mk 10:20, and the Diatessaron
Craig Amanyahu Wrote:
Paul Younan Wrote:Akhi Yuri, we have Mshamshane (deacons) alive today who can recite you the entire Gospel from memory, and top it off with the Psalms, too.

What would be the singular of Mshamshane? Mshamshana correct? I was under the impression that the singular and plural of this word were the same (Mshamshana (sg+pl)).

Also I'm guessing the word for messenger/angel is Malaka (sg) / Malake (pl)?

Finally, I just to make sure of something else, you said Zadokaya(e) is Sadduccee/s, but I just want to confirm that the plural retains the "ay", "Zadokaye" (plural)?

Shlama, Craig

~Nods~ In 1st Century Aramaic and onwards, it's resolving the final "a/o" to "e" in the masculine. In older dialects it was "eyn" or "in" (much like the Hebrew "im").

Unlike earlier dialects, the plural is spelled exactly the same as the singular, discounting vowel markers.


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