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The Revelation of 666 from Moses and Ezra
#16 to convert from number to letters and from letters to number in various Semitic writings (please let me know if you find bugs, etc.).
In Semitic world (and old Greek too) they wrote numbers using letters of the alephbet, with each letter having a certain numeric value. Aleph = 1, Beth = 2, etc. So if you take the name of the beast as number, it will be the number 666. Like you take that name (if it would be a Semitic name) and paste it into my converter, it will give you the number 666.
Now there are variations for how to express hundreds/thousands and such, also question about in which writing (Greek, Semitic, etc.) the name should be read as number. Also do you take into account letter position inside the word, or you just add the numeric value of each letter and get 666. There is a lot of room.

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