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Error in the UBS version
On the Khabouris Codex, there is no ܘ (vav) before  ܐܦ (“also”).  So on the Khabouris, the translation is, “Yahshua answered and said to them, ‘Also I will ask you one question, and if you are answering me, also I say I to you in what authority I work these.”

The Khabouris grammar is most likely correct, as ܐܦ in Matthew is consistently utilized without the ܘ in that grammatical position.  There are many examples in support, but here are two for illustration: Matthew 5:39, Matthew 18:33.  It should be noted also that the UBS of Matthew 22:26 has the same ܘ before ܐܦ where the Khabouris does not.  But compare Matthew 25:29, and many examples in the other synoptic gospels.

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