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A Mystery Revealed: Gospel of Mark tracks the 7 Churches in the Book of Revelation
(04-23-2016, 05:12 AM)Thirdwoe Wrote: Greg, part of your ideas in your study says this:

"in Mark 5:18-19, Yahshua does not let the new sober man (Catholic Church) stay with him (in Protestantism) but instructs the newly sober man to go to his house (Vatican) and tell his people (Catholics) how Marya had mercy upon him."

You say these things, not in a speculative manner, but rather in a matter of fact manner, as if you know it to be true, rather than, only think it may be true. Did God reveal this to you, or is this only the ideas in your own mind? Please be honest.

Do you actually believe that Christ healed the Catholic Church, but, won't let the Catholic Church dwell where He is, in Protestantism?


Can you expound on that statement please.


Thank you for your questions.

Well, I can’t say I know for certain what the Father has done and is doing with the Catholic Church, but I know He has been patient and loving and merciful time and again in the bible with those He loves (i.e., apostate Israel).  At some point though, we all face judgment day!
The real church is in Yahshua, and His path is a narrow one.  I suspect Protestantism was a type of protection/safety/place for the woman in the wilderness, rather than the woman herself.  The word 'Protestantism' doesn't even fit the bigger picture of what I'm trying to say (as I've written -- the key thing Protestantism accomplished circa 14th Century AD was a newfound religious freedom for the woman.  Her true identity is that she keeps the commands of Alha and has the testimony of Yahshua. Revelation 12:17.  That narrow identity would not define billions of Protestants, Roman Catholics, Orthodox, etc., but rather some from these groups of Christians who are chosen by Alha.  

So, the key to that 14th Century AD question (that you cited above) is that the Protestant reformation gave freedom to all of these Christian groups (including Catholics themselves) from the Roman Catholic Church.  Protestantism by itself was (and became) its own beast, so to speak.  It is a form of wilderness outside of Israel.  But a woman can find safety in the wilderness from time to time.  And she needed safety...
For example, I’ve written regarding the Pergamus to Thyatira transition:
“In this theory, the beast would represent the ‘masses’ (often self-proclaimed “Christians”) who tortured and slaughtered Jews and Messianic Jews (‘Jew sympathizers’) during the time of the black plague (especially beginning around 1346). The most infamous ‘reason’ for persecution was the claim that Jews caused the plague by poisoning wells. Notably, this was not the first time ‘Christians’ had engaged in mass-slaughtering of Jews and minorities, but scholars agree it rose to an unprecedented level of genocide/holocaust during these years of the black plague.”
I think the beast of the sea is some kind of Roman creation supported by the macro world order (Catholicism (“The Holy See”) + Protestantism + Other + $ecular).  It is literally described in the text as a beast with different body parts, and many heads and horns.
Today the beast of the sea looks very much like the United Nations (whose legal authority to ‘judge the world’ literally comes from the “Rome Statute” that began in this generation around 2002AD, but Israel has withdrawn its signature).
Back in the apostles’ days, the beast was also a Roman creation supported by the macro world order (Mythology + Judaism + Other + Secular).   
My role as a student: I have unique study insights to share that often come from synchronicities and clues.  Ultimately, the Father is going to reveal what He is going to reveal.  If I’m useful to the Father (I believe this to be true), then this study is likely useful information to someone.  If I’m wrong, then Alha will reveal me to be wrong, or partially wrong perhaps.  Whatever the result, I still love Revelation and I love the Father!  I’m happy that the upright and chosen will receive rewards in Yahshua, and that Yahweh does justice.
I should add that the bible is filled with flawed people (who are not prophets) who sometimes misinterpret prophecies, but they are still useful and redeemed to be made upright in their due time.  Look at Simon Peter for example in Matthew 16:21-24.  That was part of Simon’s journey.
I’m on a journey too, and I think the Father is helping me make progress.  I do know that I'm a flawed student, but I don’t know what I don’t know.  So I don’t know how flawed.  
That’s a fine point that my original post was mostly written in the affirmative rather than qualified.  I suppose I could have put something in the intro along these lines “I could be wrong”.  Also for logistical reasons, I think it's a judgment call for how many times to write “perhaps” and “in my opinion”.   I actually don’t want to dwell on the doubt-side during this bible study -- too many synchronicities have lined up in this research for me to be self-protective.  And I especially do not want to be wishy-washy. 

I think the connection between Revelation and Mark is amazing!! and so this study is useful and can help people learn something right now. 

And indeed, if some readers also potentially agree with me that the United Nations and various Religious Hierarchies and the British Crown are not what they seem, then I think that’s also potentially productive to help people stop giving allegiance to a beast that is growing larger.  As I wrote in conclusion to my post, “I encourage other Aramaic students and scholars to share their thoughts and insights.”
Where my ideas and insights come from: I cannot keep track of how each one comes as I read and write and live and think and repeat (not necessarily in that order). 
Sometimes the synchronicities are amazing though, like when (after finding the sword & staff code) I saw the shepherd’s staff shape shining as sunlight through my dome window.  It was a totally natural phenomenon (even saw it again this morning) – when it happens it does need a lot of conjunctions though: it must be the right season and the sun shines at the correct angle at the correct time right into my house given the unique triangle shape of my window.  It only works because the sun strikes an old speaker my dad gave me and he just happened to set up for me in just that spot.  I’ve never had to do a thing, the sunlight shines right there whenever the time comes – all I have to do is see it.
Yahweh is kind to me, as a parent is kind to a child.  I think I find insights during research through the grace of Yahweh. 
It is right to read, watch, and count.  Daniel the prophet wrote mysteriously about 7s to predict the coming of the Messiah, and so the people were supposed to count those 7s.  And indeed, many did count, and messianic fever was very high when Yahshua and John the Baptist were born.  That atmosphere became part of the bible in several unique ways! 
In Revelation 12, the unique counting insight I found that tied all my research together here was this original finding regarding "time" (60), "times" (600), and "one-half time" (30):

[Image: Rev12Timeline-A-Theory.jpg]

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