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How do I use the pronunciation guide in the lexicon at
Dear Greg and Paul,

I was very happy to read your posts, thank you both. In the short time since I discovered your forum, you have provided me with a gold mine of thought-provoking information. As much as I like to hear myself talk, or think of people reading what I wrote, I will limit myself.

Many thanks to you for the technical information you provided me; prior to corresponding with you I spent many hours on the web researching what it would take for me to learn my prayer to little effect. Now I am well on my way. But more than that, I find myself uplifted and saddened. Uplifted to think that the tradition of the native language of my Lord and Savior is not only alive today, but has been continued through the millenniums since his resurrection. Though I thought it was a dead language at first, I am saddened to know that it is now alive and yet not ubiquitous in the Christian world. I hope this changes.

I admire what you have done for all, and am very grateful for your helping me. I've got a lot to work on now and I'm looking forward to it tremendously.

Your friend, Tim.

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