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Ancient Aramaic Translation of the Eastern Peshitta
Thank you for your thoughts Sestir.

Quote:My work is not in any way a claim to superiority, like so many others. Nor is it even an attempt at more clarity. ? Ronen

I probably did not word that as I intended. I just am trying to say that I know that what I am producing will not be easily understood until those who read it get used to the framework.

I plan on making use of some of your suggestions, for example, when I start producing a teaching series where I teach the principles as we work through the Tanach word by word, I will be sharing other's ideas on word meanings, at least to a certain extent.

As far as it being accepted, I can only say that if I can duplicate similar concrete meanings behind words containing the same root, again and again, it will be less and less a farfetched idea. I know of others who have done similar work with some words, but I am not aware of anyone that has attempted to do so with every single word in the Tanach and Peshitta.

There are words that I have not seen (yet) any connection to other words sharing the same root, and so for now, those words I have rendered in a traditional way with an ~, to indicate that I currently have not seen a connection, and further study is needed.

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