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Does Simon Peter Hear Two Roosters? kpr-doodle-doo
Super kind comment, thank you <!-- sSmile --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/smile.gif" alt="Smile" title="Smile" /><!-- sSmile -->

Yeah, this was a fun one to study!

Sometimes I begin a post and it becomes a long article, and sometimes worse -- brevity has yet to find a permanent home in my vocabulary.

So I just finished reading the Peshitta gospel of Mark for the first time. Such an amazing witness!

On this topic above regarding kpr (?atonement?) for kapa (?Peter?) from kpr-n-Khum ("atone-seed-energy"), I think I think:

Spirit is the true foundation of a man's soul, which is why Mark 3:29 states mn dyn dngdp Eal ruKha dqudSha lyTh lh Shubqna lEalm ala mKhyb hu ldyna dlEalm (?And he who will blaspheme against the holy spirit, he does not have forgiveness to a world/age but rather he is guilty, to the judgment of a world/age.?)

I reason there is no forgiveness for an 'unrepentant destroyer/denier of self', dmn hunh npq (Mark 3:21), because there is nothing to build upon for kpr (?atonement?) if man blasphemes/denies even his foundation. This is because spirit is foundational, like seed (indeed, the famous seed parable is recorded in Mark 4:1 after Mark 3:29-35 sets the context of family lineage) -- if there is no seed from Alha there is no regrowth in the family of Alha. In all of Yahshua?s miracles he accomplishes something by building on something else, building on some core seed (heals a man who exists; produces exponential fish and bread from two loaves and five fish; creates wine from water).

This also suggests why YHVH intervenes on earth when seed is threatened (i.e., in the days of Noah). See also Leviticus 11:37 (seed remains clean even if a corpse touches it). When we strip away the excesses of our lives, we promote something closer to our core foundation as humans -- natural living like seeds, clean living like children... The golden ratio (phi) is an excellent example of clean seed in nature, a gift from our Father.

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