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Needed Translations
No, I am looking for the "Grandmother" term for a little boy to choose to call me (I looked it up in most languages that we have heritage in), but I thought the Aramaic term would be a nice choice also. Just found out that I am part Jewish, and so Aramaic would be nice. Next, every year I make Christmas ornaments and I try to add the theme for the season. Shalome will be this year..... I'm looking specifically for the word "Peace" that Jesus may have used to calm the waters when he was in a fishing boat, was asleep, the apostles woke him up, and he calmed the waters. That is the context of the word Peace I am trying to get the spelling on. <!-- s:whatthat: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/whatsthat.gif" alt=":whatthat:" title="Whats That" /><!-- s:whatthat: --> Thamks.

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