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daily bread
SteveCaruso Wrote:Sine epuousios is a hapax legomenon in Greek it really brings up some fascinating questions as whomever was translating from the original Aramaic needed to express something very specific. It's generally, in a literal sense, translated into English as "super-substantial" as in "that which is just above the necessary amount to subsist upon."

In the Peshitta there is swnqn which means "want," but that doesn't quite "fit" for epuousios. There are plenty of Greek words that could translate swnqn directly. Plus it's a strictly Syriac word (it does not appear in any other dialect), which wouldn't make sense for Jesus to have originally used, given his own background and the place the Prayer was originally recited.

In my original reconstruction (which is outlined here:, I used ylyp. Since then I believe that cwrk (needed, necessary, from the root "to be poor"; just above poverty) is probably the best fit, and it's what I use on the Lord's Prayer Bracelet.

Hi Steve

I read your deep and interesting article about the Lord's Prayer. But how do you connect the root /yelip/ with /epiousios/? I mean (excuse me if my english is not so good): how do you come from epiousios to yelip?


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