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Narrative clause of Luke 22:43-44 in Tatian's Harmony?
I raised this issue because I was watching a certain YouTUBE debate (textaul criticism of New Testament related ) and one of the participants (arguing in favor of the New Testament as reliable and trustworthy ) stated that this narrative which is found in Luke 22:43-44 was a rather late addition to the text of the New Testament and, therefore, should not be in the text. But I recalled that Justin Martyr quoted it and remember reading it the Eastern Peshitta version. Tatian 's mention of it in his text ( the Diatessaron ) would all but settle the issue for me. It is therefore highly improbable that these 2 verses was an addition by later hands.

Still don't know for sure the date range when the Diatessaron was written. If anyone has a pretty good handle on this please let me know. I will go with 170-190 AD, but no later than 205 AD.



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Re: Narrative clause of Luke 22:43-44 in Tatian's Harmony? - by Mike Kar - 12-20-2013, 01:50 AM

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