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Seeking insight on Janet Magiera's Messianic Aramaic NT
Seeker1 Wrote:I'm not sure if I'm following how the translation process went. I may be all mixed up, but I was thinking I understood that there there places in the Aramaic where it uses a word pronounced "Alaha" -- as a more generic term, even if used as a name, the way we use God with a capital G -- and some places where it uses a word pronounced "MarYah", referring by title-then-name to "Master Yahweh" and also some places where the Aramaic just uses "Mar," which is just a title for "Master." Am I correct about that? If so, then I would think a literal translation with key Aramaic words inserted would use all three. her messianic translation, if she didn't use "Alaha" is it that she inserted MarYah when in the Aramaic it truly had said "Alaha?" I making this question clear?

Personally, I recommend Magiera's vertical interlinear because you can see side-by-side with the translation the actual aramaic words as they appear on the ancient scrolls. Generally, english alone is going to be inadequate to explain/translate literal Aramaic text, so its just a process of building perspective. We're all handicapped by our languages and lack of knowledge when you think about it.

I can confirm that Magiera translates the word Alha as God, and mrya as master/lord. If she interprets the word in context to be referring to the Father or to Yahshua, then she will capitalize her translation in English. Not all references to Alha (or plural Alhyn) or mrya (and its variations) are capitalized, and rightfully so. See e.g., John 10:35.

Yeah, I recommend Magiera's interlinear with Concordance. You can watch a nice interview here if you want more insights into her traditional Christian theology: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... video=3301</a><!-- m -->

The sacred name "YHVH" does not appear in the gospel directly, perhaps because the Father is commanding the new generation to seek him as Father, Word, through Yahshua... I'm not sure anyone has ever understood the meaning of these four letters together - YHVH - but they do suggest a 'state of being' in one sense.

I don?t have solid answers on the pronunciation question either, only educated thoughts and questions -- I reason that the true pronunciation of the sacred name yod-hey-vav-hey involves literally breathing the right sounds (remembering that YHVH breathed creation), from the origin of a reverent heart in spiritual service. If you are able to accomplish this in meditation, I would consider it a gift. In Aramaic, Yahshua?s name is spelled yod-shin-vav-ayin. To pronounce it correctly, speak from your heart while following his commandments.

Matthew 15:8-9, ?This people honors me with their lips, but their heart is very far from me. And vainly they reverence me while teaching the doctrines of the commandments of men.?

Imagine that, a word that can only be spoken from the heart and not the tongue. The gospel advises also that the Spirit speaks to those given to hear.

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