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The Golden Ratio (phi) in the Peshitta
Thanks for your question. At this time I?m unable to discern any mathematical meaning from either value of Shaul?s words in Hebrews 2:9 -- in the Khabouris codex, the total is 992, whereas in the Peshitto the total is 971.

Here?s one for you though - consider the connection between the golden ratio (Phi) and Lazarus in the Gospel of John at Chapter 11?
  • 15 stadia (astduta) is written in John 11:18 as the distance between Yahshua and Lazar.
    15 stadia = 9900 feet.
    9900 feet x the golden ratio Phi (1.618) = 16018.
    16018 can be symbolic for Phi going dead (0 in the middle), then coming back to life.
    In the gospel of John at chapter 11, Yahshua stayed with Lazar for 2 days while he was alive, then Yahshua departed to Judea and Lazar died, and then when Yahshua returned so did Lazar because Yahshua called him out from the house of the grave.

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