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Peshitta Old Testament online - questions.
we would be able to help you more if we knew what exactly you are looking for.
Are you looking for the oldest OT text?
Masoretic (Hebrew) manuscripts are around 900 CE.
It is said by some that Ceriani_Veteris Testamentum (7a1) (Aramaic OT) is of 100-200 CE but
I do not know proof. Moreover it looks to me it was copied after around 700 CE since
there are older period Aramaic letters.
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If you want to see differences between modern Jewish text and LXX,
it is here on the margins
Ceriani_Syro-Hexaplaris Ambrosianus
If you look for really old text, it is here from about 700 BC
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If you are looking for truth, do not go into Lamsa translation without knowing Aramaic.

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