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Mattai 9:1-7
Very interesting analysis, that was cool to read, thank you.

I love how the Peshitta can appear simple on the face of the text, but in reality the word revealed through Yahshua shows beautiful complexities? even spacetime mechanics. Here in this passage of Matthew 9:1-7 for example, we can find evidence of two interacting coupling constants in physics: (1) the gravitational coupling constant and (2) the electromagnetic coupling constant.

[Image: gravitational-coupling-constant.png]

Simply use numbers in the place of letters (i.e., Aleph = 1; Bet = 2; ? Tav = 22) to add up the phrase in Matthew 9:6 where Yahshua heals the paralytic: ?Rise, take up your bed and go to your house.? The sum of these letters in the Peshitta text is 240.

Now multiply 240 by the electromagnetic coupling constant (1/137), and the result is the gravitational coupling constant: 1.75182482. By itself that?s pretty cool, but we must admit that logically it is just a garden variety coincidence attributable to the input number of 240, and not therefore unique to the Peshitta. To show a coincidence unique to the Peshitta, we would need to prove (a) the same mathematical formula is repeated in the same gospel text with a different input number from the text (different than 240), and (b) the repetition has logical meaning from the passage itself. Against exponential odds we can show both, which is very exciting:
  • (a) Mathematical - the gravitational coupling constant can be found again using the same formula (fine structure constant x Peshitta text = gravitational coupling constant) using the phrase in Matthew 9:2 ?being cast upon a bed?. (1 / 137) x 103 = .75182482. Note that on the numbers alone this is an extremely unlikely coincidence, because these are the only two numbers (240 and 103) that are capable of producing this result as stated.

    (b) Logical - This phrase -- ?being cast upon a bed? -- is the logical phrase one would look toward in order to exemplify the coupling constants, because that human condition (being cast upon a bed) was the coupling that was plaguing the paralytic. He was coupled to the bed. When Yahshua healed him with the phrase in Matthew 9:6, Yahshua gave him a new coupling constant that properly had the 1 in place at the head (1.7518) and so the man was therefore made complete/whole numerically.

I think we can find these phenomena in the Peshitta because of a love for the word and a trust that we can find great meaning in the text. And we share these findings with others because of an interesting dichotomy where we seek to receive praise from men and yet we also hope to bear witness to the light of the word revealed through Yahshua in the Peshitta. Is that dichotomy paralyzing? Or is it just as Yahshua has spoken in Matthew 9:1-7, that as the paralytic's sins are forgiven he must rise and walk to his house.

Also, the fundamental coupling constants in physics show the interaction between vessels (bodies) and light (photons), such as for example how 1/137 refers to the likelihood of an electron absorbing a single photon. This passage about the paralytic discussed here (at the beginning of Matthew 9) comes after the conclusion of Matthew 8, which is a chapter about bodies/vessels being cleaned by Yahshua using the light of the word given to him by YHVH. Yahshua expelled demons and sicknesses from the people, and yet in Matthew 8:34, the people of the city expelled him from their borders (their collective body). In a world where Yahshua can read our hearts (Matthew 9:4), we should strive to be open spiritually to receiving the natural coupling constants he reveals; for the Gadarenes it was apparently easier to focus on their natural fears: and I won?t be the one to blame them, dead pigs in the sea is quite a visual for a society to receive, don?t you think? (Matthew 8:32)

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